Edmund Eagan

Innovative Audio
As a music composer/sound designer for film and video I bring over 25 years of professional experience to my work. This is backed by five years of university study in music composition at Ottawa and Toronto, Canada. During my time at Twelfth Root I have explored many varied musical genres, resulting in numerous award winning productions, including a Canadian television Gemini award for the music in the animated production “The Woman Who Raised a Bear as Her Son”, a Gemini for CBC’s “The Health Show”, and Gemini nominations for the music in the film “Curiosities” and in the Man Alive documentary "Beyond Belief". I have been a recipient of multiple SOCAN (The Society of Composer, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) awards in recognition of my work in film and television. As well as doing original music and sound design work, I have completed numerous full audio producitons for radio and TV, editing, mixing, and mastering.

Innovative Design
For the last 10 years I have been increasingly involved in the design and evolution of the Haken Audio Continuum Fingerboard . This works includes mechanical and operational issues, design of the Continuum Stand with Fathom Labs, principal sound design for the internal sound engine of the Continuum Fingerboard, and principle designer for the new programmable synthesizer built into the Continuum, the EaganMatrix.

Selected Examples of my audio work
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Yuga: the immersive environment

E: video sculpted for a building surface

FLicKeR: the documentary about Brion Gysin

The River is Black: music structured poetry

CBC Primetime News: national major news program

Resonant Drum: demo of the EaganMatrix

Duet: time manipulated video

Time Dilation: hybrid video and audio


Creative Diversity
Please free to explore the diverse collection of examples at this site in the Examples section.