Time Dilation

Link to vimeo video:


Time Dilation started as an audio production of a live one take Continuum performance. Time Dilation premiered in November of 2010 as a music performance and discussion at the ASA conference in Cancun. In 2011 I recorded another performance of the piece, and added a visual narrative that complements the video and audio recording.


Time Dilation is performed on the Continuum Fingerboard, and utilizes Symbolic Sound's Kyma system in addition to the internal sounds of the Continuum. Kyma's fantastic Timeline was used for the structural flow of the work, with the Continuum sounds being processed through Kyma. The audio was exclusively done in Kyma and with the Continuum.


The Video Time Dilation functions as:


The piece 24 and 1/2 minutes long and is presented in both a higher resolution (960 by 540, 30 fps and a lower resolution version.